Regular Gents / Ladies, Children
Options Straight / Folding type (Automatic)
Sizes 21" x 8", 25" x 8", 28" x 8" etc.
Matching fancy, wooden solid or 'J' types
Colours Black, blue, green, white, yellow, red, pink etc.
Printing option available for Promotions either picture or text
Fancy Ladies umbrellas is an assortment of prints and colours

Golf Umbrellas are also available on order
Acrylic / Wooden / Mink Varieties
Available in various sizes and quality - Single / Double
Chemical term "Sodium Alumina Sulphosilicate"
It is mainly used as a FABRIC WHITENER in households / laundries, lime washing of walls, re-packers & re-processors of Liquid blue as also by the TEXTILE industry.
The industrial is blended to meet the requirements of PAINTS, PLASTICS, RUBBER AND PRINTING INK Industries.
Sizes 8' x 4' ( 2440 MM x 1220 MM)
Thickness 0.5 MM thru 3 MM - Single sided 2.0 MM thru 20 MM - Double Sided
Finish Matt, Glossy, Suede, Embossed in various designs
Applications Partition boards, counter tops, kitchen cabinets, table tops, etc.
We export all sizes and various shapes of Glass Bottles catering to the needs of Pharmaceutical Industries, Perfume manufacturers, Breweries, etc. in clear crystal glass and coloured glass (amber, green, etc.) complete with caps, plugs etc.
Stainless Steel Kitchenware
Multipurpose Cleaners
Liquid Shoe Polish
Soaps Mosquito Coils  
Incense Sticks
Granite Tiles  


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