food grade jute bags
Regular jute bags used for packing of Cocoa beans , Shell nuts, Coffee Beans, Cashew nuts, High value spices, Food grains, Sugar, Salt, Cattle & Poultry Feed, Potatoes, Onions, Peanuts, Cotton, Cement, Fertilizers and Chemicals etc.
Various Sizes to accommodate 45 Kgs, 50 Kgs, 100 Kgs and above
Custom made to buyer's requirement
Supplied with Polylining / Polythene Bags inside
Printing option available
hydro carbon-free bags
Revolutionary new product
Ideal for packing of coffee, cocoa, peanut beans or other food grains without any contamination
Custom made to buyer's requirement
Free from any kerosene smell.
shopping bags shopping bags
Ideal for Promotion / Advertising
Made to buyer's requirement in various shapes and sizes
Dyed / Bleached / Printed Fabric with / without polylining
Handle options - Strap, Bamboo , rope, chain etc.
Printing - Multiple colours on both sides
hessan cloth title bopp tapes title
hessan cloth
  bopp tapes
pp / pe woven bags
PP/PE Woven Cloth Bag made of PP/PE Flat yarn
Types Tubular , L type or Circular
Construction 700 D - 3000D , Mesh : 8 x 8 - 15 x 15/inch
Options Lamination (LDPE/PP ) , UV treatment
Colours White & others
Moisture Proof, Light Weight, cost effective
Bright 2 / 3 Colours on single / both sides
Application Fertilizers, Chemicals, Sugar, Foodgrains, Cement
high density polyethylene
3 & 4 strand, Z twist
Colours blue, black, red, green, yellow, orange, white
Thickness available 3mm thru 24mm diameter
Coil Length 40, 100, 200 yards or as required
40, 100, 200 yards or as required
Used mainly for household purposes, fishing nets, transport industry, shipping industry & general purposes



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